What dreams may come

Walking the Camino has not been a lifelong dream for me, it has not even been a year-long dream, but that doesn’t mean it is any less important than all my other dreams.  I think I have been talking about dreams a bit recently, so sorry if I’m boring anyone!  I’ve had quite a few in my 26 years (and so we all should) – ranging from wanting to be an Marine Biologist working in Antarctica to wanting to train Dolphins, wanting to be a Doctor to wanting to go to the moon.  I have faith that I can accomplish all these dreams (in their evolved forms) in my lifetime.  I have trained Dolphins (briefly) – I was lucky enough to do work experience at Seaworld for 3 weeks during my science degree.  It was magical, but not something I could do forever for financial reasons (they get paid a pittance because they are easily replaceable – many people would love to do that job).  I will go to Antarctica someday, and the moon – probably not in a working capacity, most likely for a holiday!  And as for being a Doctor – I’m working on it!

It is important to distinguish dreams from flights of fancy – for example; I wanted to join the navy for a while (yes, I can hear laughter).  Completely ridiculous I know; I have unpredictable health, get rather sea sick, hate taking orders, dislike wearing uniform, am rather untidy, can’t stand the image the defence force has currently in relation to treatment of women or anyone who is different to the majority, can’t do pushups because of my dodgy wrists and can’t do the beep test/shuttle run because of my dodgy knees.  To be honest I was only thinking about it because they sponsor tertiary study and give you a pretty good salary while you do, and it involves travel.  So yes, big difference between flights of fancy and dreams.  Dreams get under your skin and stick with you.

Have you ever just sat and looked at the stars?
Marvelled at the beauty of Venus and Mars?
Listened to the music and not just the words?
Really looked at the sky, the clouds and the birds?

Have you ever gazed down from a mountain on high?
Been entranced by the perfect clear blue of the sky?
Stared into the ocean, so clear and so deep ?
Or travelled to magical lands in your sleep?

There’s nobody ever who’s never asked why
Have you ever dreamed? Dreams never die.

Dreams are funny things; they come, they take over, they change, they fade, but they never completely die.  At least I am of the opinion that they do not.  They can’t really, otherwise where would half of our regrets come from?  Some regrets are from things we have done that we wish we hadn’t or had done differently, the others are from things we wish we had done that we didn’t – another way of putting that is unrealised dreams.

Another funny thing about dreams is; sometimes you accomplish/realise them without knowing you even had them.  But sometimes it’s hard to know what your dreams should be if you don’t know your options – for example; on holiday in Thailand a few years ago I accomplished 2 dreams.  One was a dream I had had for most of my life – to scuba dive, and there I am!

The other one was a dream I had never knew I had, perhaps it was more of a fantasy that never realised it was a dream because it didn’t think it could be.  This dream was to play with Tigers.  Big Tigers, medium Tigers and little baby Tiger Cubs.  I’ve always loved Tigers, everything about them says ‘mystery’, ‘powerful’ and ‘majesty’, but I never thought I would actually be able to play with them.  I’d always imagined seeing them in the wild or being a zookeeper and getting to care for them but not really get too close because they are still dangerous, wild animals.  We were very fortunate with our timing because the Tiger temple had started a new tour so small groups could exercise, feed and bathe the Tigers before their afternoon of tourist photos AND they had just recently delivered a group of new cubs that were only a few weeks old.  It was one of the most special and unforgettable moments of my life.

I think having dreams is part of what makes us human and they definitely make life more interesting.


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