These pants were made for walking

I love City Chic – I cannot adequately express how much I have loved this store over the years and with the find of my perfect new hiking pants my love has been given new vigour.  For those of us girls who are a little curvier (particularly after easter) and have trouble finding clothes above a size 14 that are fashionable and do not look like shapeless, flowery circus tents or make us look like someones great aunt Mildred – City Chic is the answer.  For years there was a drought in the Australian plus size fashion market and then it came along – it is now the mecca of women’s fashion from size 14+ in Australia.  I have found so many beautiful dresses and perfect jeans it is hard not to go a bit crazy and blow a fortnights salary in one shop.  In addition to keeping up with current fashion trends with fun, funky and sexy styles they also have accessories, shapewear, bathers and shoes – what’s not to love?  And the best thing? As a size 14-16 I am a small-extra small – I never thought that would happen!

But I digress (got a little distracted).  I have been looking out for a pair of hiking pants for a few weeks now.  I had pinched my mums zip-off, quick-dry fancy pants to take with me but they are rather uncomfortable and (after easter) a little tight – oops!  I think anyone who has been hiking will agree that comfort is number one and looking good while you do it is a rare bonus.  So on Sunday night I had a look online to see what was out there and discovered that not only did City Chic have a pair of cargo’s out at the moment but they also had buttons to turn them into 3/4 pants, were in a colour that didn’t clash horribly with my bright, burnt orange pack AND were having an online sale that ended that night.  I am not in the habit of buying something as important as pants online because you can’t try them on but after reading the returns policy and finding I could return them to any store or back online I decided the opportunity was too good to miss.  I decided to have a look at Kathmandu and Anaconda at DFO yesterday just incase and after spending a horrible morning trying on zip-off pants (that turn into shorts) for hiking I came to the conclusion that nobody can look good in them and that I looked particularly ridiculous. Then this morning my City Chic cargo’s arrived in the mail (cue parting clouds, beams of sunshine, seraphim’s and the hallelujah chorus) – they are perfect!  They are so comfy, have pockets – oh so many useful pockets and in good places not down by your knees where you can’t reach and make your knees look like the knee version of cankles (thees? knighs? whatever).  They are lightweight, stretchy (making them perfect for the flight over), quick-drying, come with a belt and have the aforementioned fold and button system to make them shorter.  I believe I can safely say they are the most perfect hiking and travel pants I have ever had.  I think I can also say I might be the best dressed Pilgrim on the trail!  Not that that matters on a pilgrimage of course but hey, it can’t hurt!

Ok, I think you all get the message now – awesome pants, love City Chic.  Now we can move on!  On Saturday it will be exactly one month till I go – I don’t know how I will bear the excitement and Ding is getting rather antsy and eager to leave!

After a month of waiting I am seeing my cardiologist tonight.  She will be putting me on Midodrine which is apparently more effective than Fludrocortisone in raising low blood pressure so yay!  It just might be the wonder drug that makes all the difference, helps me last the distance on this long walk and enables me to work again when I get home and after my surgery in July.  She will also be able to help me decide what to put on my medical alert bracelet which I will be able to finalise and send off, hopefully tomorrow!

I still haven’t received the results from my blood test so have no idea if I can have the Gammaglobulin infusions to help my dodgy immune system but I am still hopeful.  Another thing that happens in May is GAMSAT results and Medical school applications – fingers crossed!  That reminds me, I have to order my academic transcripts and decide which universities to apply to…

And in further news – it’s nearly bout time!  Yep, South Sea Roller Derby’s second bout of the year (Tour of Booty) will take place on May 14th here’s a handy link if you want to check it out!  And this time, instead of officialling I will (hopefully – application pending) be running a market stall with the lovely Lucy from ‘Made in the Shade’ accessories.  We haven’t decided what to call our stall yet but have been hard at work making all sorts of cute accessories ranging from pretty hair clips to gorgeous beaded and fimo jewellery (Lucy is a wiz with fimo!) – here’s an example of some of our hair accessories, hope you like them and be sure to come round and say ‘Hi!’


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