Never tell me never

It seems a little ridiculous that now my blood pressure finally seems to be getting under control I go for a walk without feeling woozy or dizzy and end up spraining my ankle – damn dodgy ligaments again!  But if I took every injury or illness I end up with as a sign that I shouldn’t be doing something I would never leave the house.   Clearly I will have to go through the rest of my life looking where I put my feet instead of what’s going on around me because even a little edge on the pavement is enough to send me A over T.  So I’m feeling like a bit of a Ding-bat right now – unfortunately Ding doesn’t quite appreciate the joke!  Not to mention that the skin that was once on my knee is now coating the inside of my skinz (which fortunately didn’t end up with a hole in them or I would be most upset cause they’re not exactly cheap) – at least a friction shear is easier to deal with than a graze full of gravel.  But most importantly, my boots were unharmed – not that I would expect them to be harmed because they’re awesome!  Which reminds me, I don’t think I’ve put up a photo of them yet so I will now so you can appreciate their awesomeness 😉

I’ve said before and I will say it again – I keep my local physiotherapy in business.  I already had an appointment for 2pm today for my knees so they were a little surprised when I hobbled in on my way home asking if there was anyone who could see me this morning and could I please have a compression bandage!  Thankfully it’s not a bad sprain but if I don’t look after it properly even a tiny pebble on the path could make me roll it again until it settles down more – believe me, it’s happened before only the culprit was a gum-nut not a pebble!  But I am determined.  I will do this walk even if it means stuffing a few more rolls of sports tape into my pack to take with me and asking the bar at the end of the day for 3 bags of ice (one for each of my knees and now one for my ankle).  Even if it takes me the full allotted amount of time to do it and means I can’t walk the extra 80km to Finisterre.  Never tell me I can’t do something I want to – never tell me never.  I am increasingly getting the feeling that this walk could be one of the hardest things I have ever tried to do.  Still, I am not one to back down from a challenge – particularly one I am publicly writing about!  I have a lot riding on being able to complete this mission, my pride and sense of self-worth included.

I have never had a problem with hiking, I quite enjoy it actually and if I could I would be doing the full 800km of the Camino.  But as it happens I am being a little more realistic than usual and only doing the last 115km +/- the 80 to Finisterre.  I should be ok, I have my hiking poles, my ankle brace, my sports tape, my electrolyte replacement tablets and my emergency medical kit – which has considerably reduced in size for hiking purposes to how it normally is but probably still a little more comprehensive than most other pilgrims would be carrying.  I have my bathroom bag of medications and will have to sort out some kind of fridge bag for the ones that need to be kept cold.  I also have the timer on my phone for the ones I have to have every 4 hours – I recently purchased the perfect song for when the timer goes off; ‘Forget you’ by Cee Lo Green, I thought it was rather appropriate as it would stop me from forgetting to take my pills.  I love the song – I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of it!  I also think Cee Lo is a fantastic artist and I don’t say that often about musicians who feature on the top 40 because to me a lot of it sounds the same!  The song is upbeat and catchy even though he’s singing about his anguish at losing the girl he loves but I didn’t think the original adult version was appropriate to me remembering my blood pressure pills 😉

here it is though, for anyone who doesn’t know the song – or hasn’t seen the video clip, it’s pretty good!

Since my last post I have been re-visiting my love affair with The Proclaimers music a fair bit, remembering all the songs I used to listen to and I realised – I couldn’t understand half of what they were saying when I was a kid and I only understand a fraction more now!  Wow, the Scottish accent is surprisingly difficult to decipher when you’re not used to it – I’m sure they have no trouble understanding each other but that doesn’t really help the rest of us…

Still, their music is quite good and their song ‘Cap in Hand’ seems to be a rather appropriate metaphoric commentary on my current Centrelink issues!  I know they’re talking about Scottish independence but it’s much of a muchness really when you have no choice but to let someone else be in control of how you can live your life – when the things you’ve done and do have control over make no difference to your situation when you’re dependant on the benevolence of the government who don’t know you from the thousands of other unemployed people also needing assistance.  And don’t get me started on the people who try and abuse the system making it SOOOO much more difficult for those of us who are trying to do the right thing and just get on with our lives and get to a point where we don’t need the demoralising experience of begging for handouts.  I suppose I am being a little unfair – they have helped me out a few times in the past when I have been unable to work due to illness and studying, they just make it so damned frustrating and demoralising to get even the most meagre handout!  Hopefully after I get home from my trip and recover from my surgery I will be able to work at least part time and Centrelink will be a thing of the past (again).  Anyway, at least it’s all sorted for now (after 2 months of phone calls, waiting on hold and going over the same issues ad nauseum) and I can pay for my health insurance and get my car serviced – oh yeah, and pay my physio bills  😉

He he, as I write that another appropriate song has come on about bills, bills and more bills arriving through the letterbox and just when you think you’ve paid them all there’s one more!


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