Now I’m walkin on sunshine, woa-ohh

Results are finally here and I’ve only been waiting 2 months for all this…
First the awesome news, I did quite well at the GAMSAT (medical entry exam) and have sent in my application for next years intake at Monash University Gippsland – very exciting!  It looks like I might actually study at Monash after all, just like my daddy always wanted 😉
He tried to talk me into it the first time around but they didn’t offer the course I wanted to do and I thought the La Trobe campus in Bundoora was far prettier!  Then I went back again for my second degree, partly for their reputation and partly because it was familiar.  Monash Gippsland is around 2.5 hours drive from home, that’s a little further than La Trobe was (45 minutes on a good day) and I used to have enough trouble getting there so I think I might see if I can live on campus – but lets not get ahead of ourselves here, I haven’t been offered an interview yet, that happens in August.  Fingers crossed, in four years I could have another piece of paper with a university seal and my name on it but this time with ‘bachelor of medicine/bachelor of surgery’ underneath!

The second lot of results I received were my blood test results for the immune stuff I’ve been having investigated to show why I keep getting sinus infections – they came back fine so now we’re back to square one.  There is nothing wrong with my sinuses anatomically, and there shouldn’t be, I’ve already had 2 lots of sinus surgery so they should really be working fine by now.  My cardiologist has another theory, it could be because of the blood pressure – my low blood pressure condition often occurs with a cluster of symptoms including impaired immune function which would explain why I get sick more easily when I have just recovered or am recovering from something, where my blood pressure is at its most ridiculous.  Oh well, the cardiologist is doing some research later this year with a different type of medication that has been shown to help raise blood pressure in Parkinson’s patients who have that as a symptom and has asked me if I would be interested in being involved; well, if it could make me better then I’m all for it!

All that aside, today is a good day!  I have more energy than I have had for a while and I seem to be getting over the viral meningitis which is excellent, no more narcotics for me!  So here is a pretty rainbow for a cliched symbol something along the lines of getting through hardship, coming out the other side stronger, light at the end of the tunnel-type thing.  Awww 🙂

My flight to Paris is 11 days away and I have gotten over my transient fears of not being able to even make it to the airport.  Life is good at 09:30am, we shall see how it is later in the day but we’re off to a good start.  I have pretty much everything I need for the Camino with a couple of optional things on my packing list depending on whether I get a payment from centrelink this week or not, I have no idea what they’re doing, why does everything have to be so confusing with them!  On the list is a travel clothes line (my brother has ours but can’t find it), a passport/document wallet thingy because I loose stuff at the moment and that would not be such a good thing, another pair of hiking socks, and finally some fancy, quick-drying, moisture-wicking undies because, lets face it, nobody wants to hike for days on end with a potentially sweaty bum crack – yep, I tell it like it is 🙂

So I think I’m back on track finally, I really only need my flu shot and a letter from my doctor listing each of the enormous number of medications and things I have to take with me for every-day use and for just incase because, for example, I will have to give up on finishing the Camino if I get gastro or anything that could deplete my fluid volume further along the way AND (which seems kinda ridiculous) I need him to write on said letter that I require a gel ice pack to keep my medication at fridge temperature and a bottle of water so I don’t dehydrate.  Airline security, they get so excited about silly things!  I suppose they have good reason but it just seems a little ridiculous.  Hmm, come to think of it, if I wear my hiking boots on the plane I’ll have to take them off each time I go through airport security…

One thing I am really looking forward to is sunshine, Melbourne seems to have used up its quota of warmth and sunshine for now and I can’t wait to get to Spring in Europe, so it wont be quite as warm as an Australian spring but it will still be warmer than our current below-average temperatures – yay sun!  So in honour of all things sunny and walking todays song is a rather obvious choice, cue 80’s dancing – enjoy!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. una
    May 19, 2011 @ 14:44:35

    Keep reading Camino blog..about carrying too much? no clothes line! Let me know if you get wicky thingies!, I have done a lot of long distance walks and always wear cotton undies and am not convinced BUT..good to hear you happier, german comedian’s book is very good on the “where is god?” question but not so good in other parts, called I’m Off Then-have you read any books?


    • Claire
      May 19, 2011 @ 14:57:42

      Yeah I’ve been reading it 🙂
      But how else will I dry my clothes?!
      he he, I shall keep you updated on wicky things and yes I have read 2 books – ‘the year we seized the day’ and ‘unholy pilgrims’ both by Australian authors – I have seen that book mentioned on the forum so will check it out


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