Salsa and storage solutions

In preparation for my trip to Europe and inevitable salsa-ing across Spain I have been listening to the ‘gypsy kings’.  They are fantastic and every time I listen to them my head is filled with images of me dancing (like a pro) either along ‘the way’ with my pack on my back or in typical salsa style – looking gorgeous with cute heels on and a red swishy skirt in a room with dim lighting and, of course, a spotlight on me and my incredibly handsome and talented dancing partner, whoever he is.  The reality of the situation is a little less spectacular – I am a rather crappy dancer.

My attitude towards dancing is a bit like my attitude towards speaking French – I will only do it if I can do it properly so I don’t make a fool of myself (or am rather tipsy at the time so don’t care).  I did take Salsa classes with my brother and a friend (who has been doing it for ages so upstaged everyone in the class) a few months ago and while I am doing the prescribed steps I am fine, fantastic even!  It’s just diverting from the steps makes me feel clumsy and awkward – I can’t loosen up and improvise when it comes to dancing and as you can’t keep dancing the exact same steps all the time it seems I might be limited to one song per night whenever I attempt it.  I can do the basic salsa step and the spin any time but anything more complicated than that needs to be properly choreographed which is sad when there is such awesome music on offer.  You see the Spanish have got it completely right – to prove my point here is ‘Volare’ by the Gypsy Kings and I would be very surprised if anyone can listen to this and not feel the urge for a bit of a hip wiggle 😉

So unfortunately my life is not a musical theatre production or that episode of ‘Buffy’ where everyone is under a demon’s influence and randomly breaks out into song and dance no matter how much I might wish it to be – I may occasionally break out in song randomly whilst walking down the street but I am usually the only one singing and there are no people engaging in choreographed dances around me, only in my head.  If I was a ‘Glee’ character I would be Kurt (but with obvious differences), he gets all the awesome songs.  Another favourite is Jazz, I love to sing it and in my imagination it usually goes a little something like this but with me instead of Julie Andrews (not that anyone could ever replace Julie), coincidentally Kurt also did this song in an episode of ‘Glee’.

There are now only 6 days to go (counting today) until I leave for Paris and I am crossing things off my ‘to do’ list at a great rate.  Practically all I have left now is cleaning (of which there is a fair bit) and a few little things like buying some Euros and getting a sim card for my phone that wont result in me having a 50 billion dollar phone bill when I get home.  Last time I checked the Australian dollar was worth 0.75 Euros – how good is that!  Looks like I wont be so much out of pocket by the end of my trip as I thought, then again, I’m sure I will find a way 🙂

Up until yesterday my most pressing problem (apart from the whole energy thing and being rather unwell which thankfully seems to have resolved itself) was how to store my medication that needs to be kept at fridge temperature.  I looked everywhere I could think of for a solution – supermarkets, kids stores and online.  I figured a soft-sided lunch box would do me fine but they seem to have gotten bigger since I was a kid and the smallest ones I could find would have fitted my pills, a couple of gel freezer packs and a roast dinner quite nicely with room to spare.  Unfortunately a roast dinner is not a practical thing to be taking on an air plane particularly when I’ve already paid extra for the airline to serve me lunch not to mention hiking across the Spanish countryside.

So I decided to solve the problem myself by taking apart a supermarket cool bag and making it much smaller and considerably more stylish!  Here is the final product – my meds fit perfectly:

The countdown continues and with each passing day my fears about my health recede further and further and my excitement and anticipation grows and grows!  Now I just have to make sure I don’t pack too much so I can fit my shopping in my suitcase to get home again!  That and somehow help my brother source a ticket to Arcade Fire and Mumford and Sons at Hyde Park in lat June so I have someone to go with.  Not that it wont be completely amazing anyway but it’s always more fun to share music and memories!


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