Off to Leon and unchartered territory

Well it’s back to Orly airport today and off to Spain – how exciting!  The weather in Paris has been lovely and warm and they tell me that there has been a drought, yes, 2 months without rain and the French start to panic!  It certainly is a different country!

Actually that isn’t the only difference between France and Australia, stay tuned as I am putting together a list of interesting, amusing and confusing things you find here every day which should be completed when I return.  My Aunt and Uncle took me on a drive last night around Paris along the Seine so now I have a better idea of where to walk when I get back so I can see and do all the typical touristy things.  My aunt was quite keen for me to get all that out of the way before today as the big end of year sales start the day before I get back and she believes that should be everyone’s first priority – but of course!

Still, that sounds a lot like busy crowds and a frustrated Claire to me, I ended up not visiting Notre Dame on Thursday as it was a public holiday in Paris and everything was crowded – it put me in mind of visiting Euro Disney as a child.  The French may not mind lining up for hours to do something but it is not the Australian way and certainly not something I enjoy – particularly as it was 27 degrees in the sun.  So I went for a wander instead and got happily lost away from the crowds amongst the streets of Paris.

My main problem today is how to transport my hiking poles as they are too long to fit inside my pack and it would be death to my pack to put them on the outside to submit the pack-pole combination to the less than careful attention of the baggage handlers.  Hopefully I can talk them on to the plane with me (and by me I mean my uncle and his fast and persuasive French).

Up until now my holiday has been fun and different but still safe as I have been staying with family but exploring by myself.  Now I enter completely new territory – by myself in a foreign country whose language I do not know.  I just hope there are no gypsy women selling Avocado’s or I’ll have no hope (a family joke at my brother’s expense referring to his first solo trip to Spain and being cheated in the price of avocado’s due to his poor grasp of the language!).  It is both very exciting and very scary

I hope to keep this updated as much as possible but I have no idea how often that will be.  My plan now is to start walking the Camino on the 9th but I might start before then, who knows what will happen!

Au revoir!


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  1. una
    Jun 05, 2011 @ 09:23:40

    Buen Camino
    Dont forget to post to the camino forum everyone will want to know you are walking..


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