The market!

2 sessions of Mickel therapy down and my general outlook has become far more positive, as has the number of hours a day I am able to remain upright and be productive (yay).  This could also be a bad thing as my house steadily fills with gorgeous creations of the fascinator kind but thankfully my application to hold a stall at the South Melbourne Night Market has been approved!  Yes, you will be able to find me (and my wares) on a Thursday evening for the next 3 weeks from 5:30pm onwards at the South Melbourne Market under the name Cherry Pie Accessories – check out my logo, what do you think?

My list of fabulous creations includes fascinators and other hair accessories and jewellery, a lot of which can be found here, on my facebook page.  And just in time too as the Spring Racing Carnival has already commenced for 2011 and has several more weeks to go! Here’s the flyer for the night market, past precedent suggests that this will be a fantastic event

I uploaded a photo of one of my fascinators last week and got some wonderful feedback, thanks everyone.  There are 3.5 days till Thursday so I hope to get a few more done once I figure out my display.  Till then, here are a few more – what do you think?

My white foam mannequin head was looking a little grubby (how is it that white manages to pick up so many mystery smudges?) so I decided to paint her – unfortunately the resulting hue looks a little sickly and as such I have come to the conclusion that her name should be Lenore.


Life is a gravitron

It can be hard sometimes to keep moving when your life feels like being stuck inside a gravitron at a fun park. You know; always moving in circles really fast, beyond your control and making it hard to move forwards (or backwards for that matter or even sideways but occasionally upside down can happen) – then someone vomits and it flies back and hits them in the face. Ok maybe apart from the last bit but you get what I mean.

It’s been an interesting few weeks and I’ve been thinking about the Camino a lot. It has now been 4 months since I started walking (give or take a few days) and I have come full circle – back to where I was before I decided to go, in a place that I don’t care to visit often. But it’s ok; I think I’m out the other side of that now. It was tough for a while but something changed that. I had no hope, I couldn’t see a future I could enjoy and I was falling down the spiral again to a place in my mind that I haven’t been for a while.

Then I had my first session of Mickel therapy and it changed. Mickel therapy is a new treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME and Fibromyalgia. It works on the theory that these three conditions are caused by a dysfunction of the Hypothalamus gland in the brain that is responsible for all sorts of things including sleep, fatigue levels and the autonomic nervous system. I noticed a change after my first session, not a huge one but I do have more energy, a bit less brain fog and my heart rate which for months has been a little unpredictable and ridiculous is now between 75-80bpm at rest and hopefully wont jump so high when I do outrageously energetic things like standing and walking short distances.

In other news I have been occupying my pathetic time by making fascinators to add to my collection of other stuff I’ve made over the years to keep me from going insane while I couldn’t work and plan to sell soon. I will hopefully be having a stall at the South Melbourne Market’s ‘Style By Night’ series of night markets starting October 20th – unfortunately a few days late for Caulfield cup but in plenty of time for Melbourne Cup, Derby day, Oaks day, Stakes day and Cox plate! Here’s an example of what I’ve been making and to see more check out my accessories page on facebook.

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