NaNoWriMo/50k for awareness – 3rd instalment

The music in the gym was pumping.  It was an upbeat, poppy, probably top-40 song blaring loudly through the multitude of speakers situated around the gym and the television screens showed dancers gyrating to the beat in brightly coloured clothes.  Sarah felt ok, she was at the gym, that in itself lent her some much needed energy – she really needed to get away from distractions and move a bit.  Not to mention she was meeting up with a friend and they were going shopping afterwards.  She waited outside the boxing circuit room for Vivienne and their instructor.  There were 8 other women waiting to go in and she passed a casual eye over them.  Most of them were quite fit looking, she had seen 4 of them coming out of the spin room when that class finished.

‘Suckers for punishment’ she mused to herself.  ‘Seriously, who needs to do that much exercise in one day?  That’s bordering on addiction!’  Then ‘wow, it’d be awesome to have that much energy!  Can’t even imagine what that would feel like!’
‘What are you muttering about?’  Asked a voice behind her.  Sarah turned slowly and found herself immediately enveloped in a hug.  ‘Sorry I’m late Sare-bear, couldn’t find my keys could I!  Then they turned up in the fridge.  Go figure.’
Vivienne was habitually late, lost or double-booked as, if she didn’t write things down in her diary, she wouldn’t remember them.  She was the most forgetful person Sarah had ever met but it was never malicious, frequently endearing and made Sarah feel somewhat better about her now faulty memory, which, before getting sick, had been almost freakishly fantastic.
‘It’s all good’ she replied to her friend.  ‘I figured something like that might happen so I told you the class started 15 minutes before it actually does – you’re right on time!’
‘You cow!’ Viv laughed, ‘good move girl, cunning and cheeky but a good move nonetheless.’  Sarah bowed
‘Glad you liked it.’  Then the instructor appeared.  He was tall and well muscled with a tribal wing tattoo on one tanned arm.

‘Welcome ladies’ he grinned as he opened the door and ushered them in.  ‘This is the first class of the series so I hope you enjoy it and continue to come back.  Now, anyone with any boxing experience?’  Sarah put up her hand along with two others; she had been learning boxing as part of her weekly sessions with her personal trainer that had been going on for 5 years.  ‘Right, 3 out of 10, that’s pretty good.  So if you could all pair up and grab a pair of gloves and a pair of sparring pads we’ll get started with the 5 main numbered punches.’  There was a scramble for gloves and Viv and Sarah were left with some that were a little big.

The class was tough.  It went for 45 minutes and was non-stop action throughout.  They boxed and kicked their way through countless combinations paired with squats, shuffles, sidesteps and jogging.  By the time it finished they were exhausted, sweaty and breathless but very pleased with themselves.
‘I think we’ve earned a coffee and some shopping’ Viv gasped as they left the circuit room on slightly wobbly legs.  ‘I honestly don’t think I’ve worked that hard in ages but gee it was awesome!’
‘Completely agree to both statements’ Sarah agreed with a grin ‘your car or mine and where shall we go?’
‘Ooh, Greenvale I think and I’ll drive, it took so much effort to find my keys this morning I might as well put them to use!’ Viv laughed.  They drove in convoy to Sarah’s place just 5 minutes from the gym and then set off to their favourite shopping centre in Viv’s little car.
It was a warm and sunny day but they didn’t feel bad about being inside, they’d done their exercise and there were plenty more hours in the day.  The traffic was light and it only took them 20 minutes to drive.  Sarah was starting to feel tired, achy and lightheaded – she assumed it was the exercise and she would pick up after some lunch.

They ate lunch and then browsed the stores for an hour, picking up a few things on the way but Sarah was losing her enthusiasm.  The fluorescent lights were beginning to give her a headache and she was still feeling quite weak and wobbly.  They turned a corner and went into their favourite bath products store.  The strong scent of all the various products irritated Sarah’s nose and made her head ache even more.  After a minute or so she couldn’t stand it and had to get out of the store so she headed for the entrance, muttering something to Viv on her way past.

Out of the store she closed her eyes and took a few breaths.  She felt very odd, her head was pounding and spinning, her heart was racing and she felt weak.  Then she looked around and started to panic.
‘There you are’ said Viv walking up to her, ‘I’ve got a couple more things to do then I think it’s cupcake time, lets go!’  And she headed off.  Sarah looked around, the feeling of panic grew as she realised she had no idea where she was.  She knew she was at the shopping centre but she couldn’t place herself inside it.  Her normally spot-on sense of direction had completely failed and it terrified her.  She was confused and overwhelmed.
‘Viv!’ she managed to squawk.  ‘Where are we?  I don’t know where we are, I’m lost’
‘We’re at Greenvale shopping centre’ Viv replied concernedly, coming back and standing next to Sarah, she put her hand on her arm gently ‘are you ok?’
‘No! I mean, yeah I know we’re at Greenvale but I don’t know where abouts, my brain can’t get around it, I can’t figure it out.  Can you help me, please?’  She took her friends hand.
‘You’re saying that to the person who usually has the worst sense of direction ever but I never lose myself in here!’ Viv laughed ‘and yes, of course I can.  I still need to get a couple of things are you ok if we do that or do you need to go now?’
‘I’ll be fine’ Sarah replied ‘well, not quite fine but I’ll survive just don’t lose me or I’ll never get out of here and will probably end up in a ball on the floor bawling my eyes out!’

Viv quickly finished her shopping and drove Sarah home.  ‘Is there anything you need me to do?  Is Peter home?’ she asked as they pulled up in front of Sarah’s house.
‘I’ll be ok, I think I just need to have a rest, maybe I’m getting a migraine, my head feels like it might be.  Pete will be home later this afternoon.’  Sarah let herself in.  Viv followed to make sure she got in safely then gave her friend a hug and turned to leave.
‘Sure you’ll be ok?’
‘Yeah, I feel a bit silly but it was really strange.  That’s never happened to me before’ Sarah said wanly from the couch.
‘Well call me if you need me, anything, I’ll come over.’  Viv smiled and walked out the door closing it behind her.

Sarah spent the rest of the day lying down, her head was in agony and every time she tried to stand the room started to spin and she felt nauseated.  She wondered if she would get to work the next day but decided that her energy had been pretty good lately and she would be fine the next morning apart from the inevitable migraine hangover which didn’t normally stop her from being able to work.   Pete came home late in the afternoon and grumbled to see her on the couch but he was more sympathetic when she told him about her day.  He had spent the morning playing basketball with his friends and afterwards they went back to someone’s house for a barbeque and beers.  Sarah went to bed at 7 after a dinner of vegemite on toast, which Pete made as she couldn’t stand up long enough to cook for herself and couldn’t stomach the idea of anything more complicated.

She slept soundly through the night and woke at 5:30 to her alarm.  She felt like her brain was stuffed with cotton wool.  Her limbs were weak and shaky, her head still hurt and the room was still not staying where it was supposed to.  It was a struggle to get out of bed and through her morning routine but she pushed herself.  It was too late to call in sick for work she would get in trouble from the ward and she always felt bad having to do it.  She thought she could last until 2pm and then there were 2 rostered days off so she could rest.

It’s been a few days since I posted anything and I have been a bit slack with my writing but am catching up to the daily target 🙂

Hope you’re enjoying it!


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