My mascot – Ding

Meet Ding-bat or Ding (as he will be known from now on).  He is my hiking mascot.  According to the tag that he came with his birthday is July 5th, 2 days before mine, his star sign is also Cancer and yes, he is a Bear in a Bat costume.  I’m not sure how a beanie baby bag tag has a birthday and a star sign or why a bear would be dressed up as a bat in the first place but there he is.  Ding will accompany me and protect me on my trip (actually I’m not too sure about the protecting bit but he’s pretty cute so we’ll let him think that) and make sure I don’t get too lonely.  I have a feeling he and I will have some very deep and meaningful conversations on the road.

Ding is very excited that our trip plans are coming together and is looking forward to his first overseas trip with the kind of enthusiasm you would expect from a bear.  Fortunately he doesn’t take up much room or require space in my bag for his things.  I have the feeling he will be the perfect travel companion; he doesn’t snore, always wants to do what I want to do, wont steal my food (everyone knows that bears like honey not Vegemite) and never asks to borrow money – although I get the feeling he’s a bit of a night animal.  There have been requests for Ding specific photo updates and posts along the road and we’re discussing it, he has a bit of trouble holding a camera but I’m sure I can help him out.  Who knows, maybe one day he’ll be as big as Mousey (he’s only a little bear but he has big dreams).

So if you’ve been reading my blog and wondering who on earth this ‘Ding’ is – now you know!


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