My review of accommodation along the Camino

I developed my own review system for places I stayed at along the Camino.  The judging criteria consist of the most important things to a Pilgrim – cost, value for money and comfort.  Criteria include:

  • Cost per night
  • Blanket and sheet score (the number of blankets provided is very important particularly on cold nights – the perfect score is 2, anything more than that is very generous but mostly unnecessary, under 1 is kinda mean in my opinion.
  • Bathroom – type and facilities
  • Dinner – available and price, not available, presence/absence of a kitchen etc
  • Breakfast – as above
  • Internet – wifi and/or computer access free or otherwise
  • Friendly and helpful (self explanatory really!)
  • Laundry – present or not, price, washing line, washing machine/dryer and price
  • Cleanliness
  • Bonuses
Leon – Hostel San Martin
A hostel not an Albergue.  Located in the middle of the old town, right around the corner from the Cathedral and very close to many different cafes and restaurants.  Also very close to most things in the town but so is everything else as Leon is rather small!
  • Cost – 23 Euros per night
  • Blankets – 2, + sheets
  • Bathroom – shared but separate for men and women.  Also wash stand and towels in room
  • Dinner – not available and no cooking facilities but many eating places nearby
  • Breakfast – as above
  • Internet – yes, free wifi and free computer access
  • Friendly and helpful – definitely!  And some staff speak some English
  • Laundry – don’t think so but I didn’t need one and didn’t ask
  • Clean – very
  • Bonuses;  Locked doors to building, hostel and rooms particularly after hours and most rooms have a cute little balcony.
Mercadoiro – private Albergue
My very favourite place along the way and unfortunately my first albergue so the one I judged all the others by comparison for the rest of the walk – it wasn’t fair on them!
  • Cost – 10 Euros per night
  • Blankets – 1 per bed + disposable sheets but there were spare beds to pinch spare blankets from!
  • Bathroom – separate mens and women’s, showers separated with screens but no stalls
  • Dinner – no kitchen facilities but the Albergue is on the same premises as a bar that has a peregrino menu for 9 Euros, everyone sits at a big table together and the food is fantastic!
  • Breakfast – tea and toast/coffee as usual for 3 euros
  • Internet – available at the bar on a laptop for small cost
  • Friendly and helpful – yes!
  • Laundry – wash trough and clothesline with a view
  • Clean – mostly, the showers flooded but that should be fixed now!
  • Bonuses – great view and group dinner is definitely a bonus
Hospital alta de Cruz – Municipal Albergue
Basically I was very unimpressed
  • Cost – 5 Euros per night
  • Blankets – NO but disposable sheets
  • Bathroom – separated mens and women’s bathrooms with 3 showers in a shared stall – nice hot shower though and there was no-one else using it when I got there anyway
  • Dinner – no, kitchen facilities yes and a bar up the road with great food and fantastic staff – 9 euro pilgrim menu
  • Breakfast – as above, toast and tea for 4 euros
  • Internet – No
  • Friendly and helpful – NO
  • Laundry – washer 4.50 euros and dryer 3 euros!!!!!  They also will not give change for notes to use the machines even though I paid for my bed in coins in the first place so knew they had them – this strikes me as rather petty.  there is also a washing line and sink
  • Clean – reasonably but not exceptionally
  • Bonuses – not on site but the bar down the road was great!  Also, widows do not close properly and there is a main road very close to the hostel.
Palas de Rei – Rooms managed by the bar around the corner from the municipal albergue
  • Cost – 28 Euros
  • Blanket – 1 (and a bed spread that I needed to use – it was a bit cold!)
  • Bathroom – own bathroom with shower – yay!
  • Dinner – no and no kitchen facilities but quite close to a few restaurants – 9 euros pilgrim menu
  • Breakfast – no, NOWHERE was open
  • Internet – no
  • Friendly and helpful – yes but no staff presence at rooms
  • Laundry – no
  • Clean – very
  • Bonuses – big bed!
Melide – Hotel Xaneiro
The owners are lovely
  • Cost – 30 Euros
  • Blankets – 2 and sheets
  • Bathroom – yes!! with a small bath 😀
  • Dinner – yes, at the restaurant 8 euros and very nice if basic
  • Breakfast – tea/coffee and toast for 3 euros
  • Internet – yes, free wifi and computer at cost 2 euros for 1 hour
  • Friendly and helpful – definitely!!
  • Laundry – no but each room has an expandable clothesline just outside the window
  • Clean – yes
  • Bonuses – BATH!!!!  2 beds and your own clothesline
Arzua – Ultreya, private albergue
Very squeaky and loud dorm-room door and some very loud snorers but they can’t control the latter!
  • Cost – 10 Euros
  • Blanket – no but non-disposable sheets
  • Bathroom – separated mens and women’s and showers with lockable doors and room enough to change and keep clothes dry
  • Dinner – cafe menu and cooking facilities
  • Breakfast – yes – standard tea/coffee and toast 4 euros
  • Internet – Supposedly wifi but I couldn’t get it to work
  • Friendly and helpful – yes
  • Laundry – yes – washer + dryer for cost and wash trough with clothes line
  • Clean – mostly
  • Bonuses – a good place to meet people randomly!
Arca – Pension Che
  • Cost – 40 Euros but I talked her down to 30
  • Blanket – 1 and sheets
  • Bathroom – yes with shower
  • Dinner – at cafe that is part of the hotel – a real menu not just pilgrim menu that includes sandwiches and light meals and is open all afternoon and evening
  • Breakfast – at cafe again
  • Internet – free wifi (doesn’t work on the 2nd floor) and computer for cost
  • Friendly and helpful – very
  • Laundry – no
  • Clean – very
  • Bonuses – air conditioning (not that it was necessary) and all night reception staff
Santiago de Compostela – Hostal Fornos in Plaza Galicia
Very close to everything and the staff were delightful
  • Cost – 35 Euros
  • Blanket – 1
  • Bathroom – yes with FULL SIZED BATH!!!
  • Dinner – no but plenty of restaurants within working distance
  • Breakfast – same
  • Internet – free wifi, no computer
  • Friendly and helpful – yes!!
  • Laundry – no
  • Clean – very
  • Bonuses – all night reception staff and right across the road from the main shopping area including Zara and my new favourite store Amichi where I bought several rather stunning scarves and should have bought more!
Finisterre – Hotel near the bus stop beginning with an M…  (not withholding the name, just can’t remember it)
  • Cost – 25 Euros
  • Blankets – 4
  • Bathroom – yes, with bath!
  • Dinner – no
  • Breakfast – yes
  • Internet – no wifi and pay for computer
  • Friendly and helpful – kinda friendly but not overly helpful
  • Laundry – no
  • Clean – not exactly…
  • Bonus – free bedbugs…
Santiago de Compostela – Mundoalbergue
  • Cost – 18 Euros
  • Blankets – no, sheets yes
  • Bathroom – one big bathroom for everyone but with locked stalls
  • Dinner – kitchen facilities
  • Breakfast – kitchen facilities and hostel breakfast optional for 4 Euros
  • Internet – free wifi and free computer access
  • Friendly and helpful – yes
  • Laundry – not sure
  • Clean – yes
  • Bonus – nice garden and a fantastic kitchen.  Big dorm room with bunk beds that have a double on the bottom and single on the top and are very rickety – makes for an interesting night if someone rolls over – also the worst snoring I encountered on the whole of the Camino although the albergue can’t take responsibility for that!
Santiago de Compostela – roots and boots hostel
  • Cost – 15 Euros (not booked through hostelworld cause then it’s 18)
  • Blankets – 1 and sheets
  • Bathroom – some separate locked shower bathrooms and one dorm-style shower block
  • Dinner – no but kitchen facilities and nearby supermarket – kitchen needs to be updated including utensil cleaning facilities
  • Breakfast – same
  • Internet – free wifi and computer at cost
  • Friendly and helpful – yes
  • Laundry – 4 Euros for them to do your washing for you – or there is a clothes line
  • Clean – yes
  • Bonus – not only pilgrims here, you meet all sorts of people, there is a large garden for chilling out in and lockers for your valuables.  Also rooms range from 4-8 beds mostly mixed gender but there is a female-only room option

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